DATAEAGLE and POWERLINK – a win win situation

Schildknecht AG since October 1, 2017 Member of the EPSG – Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group.

DATAEAGLE is the data radio system of Schildknecht AG that has been successful for more than two decades. Some of the new wireless modules are now also available with Ethernet POWERLINK interface, the fieldbus from B&R. As part of this, Schildknecht AG joined the EPSG (Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group) in October.

DATAEAGLE 7050, the proven  IoT Edge Gateway from Schildknecht, which was designed for Industry 4.0 solutions, received in addition to the previous interfaces – i.a. to PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT and others – now also a POWERLINK interface; it will be shown in this version already at the EPSG stand of SPS IPC Drives 2017. DATAEAGLE 7050 enables globally viable, high-security and cost-effective connectivity between components involved in Industry 4.0 solutions.

In a second step, a new radio module will be developed, with the help of which a POWERLINK communication can be established via Bluetooth. Such solutions have long been proven for PROFIBUS and PROFINET in many applications with moving components – as a substitute for e.g. sliding contacts – successfully in use. The proven and patented filter technology for bridging short-term data flow interruptions in these fieldbuses will also be implemented in the POWERLINK version. With this DATAEAGLE radio module, B&R has the opportunity to recommend a POWERLINK-compliant radio technology to its customers and thus to be able to open up new business opportunities, a clear win-win situation for both partners.
More information about our products on the
official page of the EPSG.